Shaping a Better Tomorrow

We Keep the World Moving. Our underpinning purpose means that protecting our planet for current and future generations is vital.

Sustainability is a part of our fabric and interwoven into everything we do. Our key business practices align to reduce overall consumption and emissions. We forge a powerful connection between strategy and results in myriad ways, including diversity, inclusion, community and leadership. Our sizeable industry footprint places us in a strong position to drive meaningful change. We continually adapt our business to advance sustainably.

Keeping the world moving isn’t just about doing better business. It’s about shaping a better world.

GPC Sustainability
Sustainability Report

Global footprint brings global focus

Proudly backed by Genuine Parts Company, we are part of an extensive global network that includes our teammates, suppliers, customers, communities and investors. That’s why our approach to sustainability looks both inward to our operations and outward to how we can help improve the network. We collectively embrace our responsibility to build a more sustainable, equitable and resilient future for people and planet.

Our Sustainable Supply Chain

Innovative distribution solutions underpin how we do business. Our multifaceted distribution channel focuses on getting our customers the right product quickly while keeping our environmental footprint front of mind.

Each of our state-of-the-art distribution centres is primed with market-leading innovations, technology and sustainable advances. Our automotive and industrial supply chains are fully optimised for performance and environmental responsibility. Enhanced safety for all is integral to our distribution centres too.

Our Auckland Distribution Centre in New Zealand and Melbourne Distribution Centre in Australia resoundingly activate our sustainable design leadership with: