Our movement for good is always driving forward

Giving feels good. Our GPC Foundation is part of our fabric and powers our Movement for Good. Through our GPC Foundation, we passionately support communities and individuals alike.

Our people have genuine heart. We actively fundraise and support a range of charities and community needs. We’ve done this for many years on a variety of scales, spanning local to national and individually to business-wide. Our Movement for Good is always driving forward.

Guided by our three key pillars

Three key pillars are the founding stones of our GPC Foundation and guide our charitable initiatives. Let’s take a closer look at how each of our pillars comes to life.


Our commitment to stand by our teammates during their times of need is at the heart of our GPC Foundation. Our Support pillar provides a safety net for those facing unexpected financial hardships. Through the Team Member Hardship Fund, we extend a helping hand to our teammates, ensuring that one-off, unforeseen challenges do not deter their path to success and stability. Our pledge is to nurture a supportive and resilient community within our organisation. One in which every teammate feels valued and backed by a collective force of compassion and assistance.


Our Scholarship pillar represents a deep commitment to individualised support and emotional sponsorship. It’s dedicated to helping those facing significant barriers—often refugees grappling with mental health, addiction, or trauma—find their footing in a new and supportive work environment.

Scholarship, to us, is not about traditional education. It’s about providing a pathway to stability through personalised care, mentorship, and on-the-job training tailored to each person’s unique needs. By focusing on the whole individual, we aim to transform lives, offering a beacon of hope and a chance for a new beginning in our community. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their past struggles, has the support they need to rebuild their lives and contribute meaningfully to our team.


Giving encapsulates our dedication to nurturing and uplifting communities. It champions the spirit of generosity, whether through fundraising for life-changing causes, providing disaster relief, or donating our time and skills for charitable purposes. It’s a commitment to making a tangible difference, encouraging our team to engage, propose, and participate in initiatives that heal, build, and enrich lives. Together, we embody the power of giving, creating waves of positive impact across communities we serve.