The enablers of movement

We Keep the World Moving: at GPC, this purpose unites us, and is the foundation of how we do business.

GPC is the largest industrial and automotive aftermarket parts and service suppliers in Asia Pacific. We deliver respected, quality parts and service to our retail, commercial, and industrial customers. From the big cities to the hidden corners, our business impacts every movement in the world.

Our mission is to be the employer, supplier, and investment of choice. Equally, we strive to be a valuable corporate citizen, and respected community member who makes a difference.

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Genuine Global Backing

We’re proudly backed by Genuine Parts Company, a leading global service organisation specialising in the distribution of automotive and industrial replacement parts, with more than $23 billion in annual revenues. Based in the U.S., GPC serves its global customers through a vast network of over 10,700 locations spanning 17 countries, and supported by more than 60,000 teammates.

Locally, we’re one of the largest industrial and automotive aftermarket parts and service suppliers in the Asia Pacific region. Our reach encompasses Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. We are a local company with global reach. This accelerates our strong agility, innovative leadership, and ability to change gears quickly in tune with market evolution.

Driven by Genuine history

Genuine history is a proud part of our fabric. Our roots trace back over 100 years to 1922 Australia. Robert Geoffrey Russell established the Auto Grinding Company in an anonymous-looking tin shed nestled in Collingwood, Victoria. Russell supplied replacement parts for American and a growing number of British motor cars. Thus began the Repco story. A story that has grown into a multi-million-dollar business with exports to more than 100 countries, even powering Formula One World Champions in Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme.

Across the ocean, GPC’s rich history started in 1928 when founder Carlyle Fraser purchased Motor Parts Depot. At that time, the humble auto parts store in Atlanta, Georgia had annual sales of $75,000 and six teammates. Carlyle Fraser renamed the business ‘Genuine Parts Company’ and the rest is history.