GPC Asia Pacific is the largest automotive aftermarket parts supplier in Australia and New Zealand. We resell and distribute automotive replacement parts, accessories and related tools and equipment through a network of 556 stores, 12 advanced distribution centres and a team of more than 6200 dedicated team members. Our scale, buying power and unmatched logistics give us market leading positions across a number of segments, with annual sales of more than A$1.5 billion. 

With a rich history in Australia’s automotive and engineering industries, along with nearly 100 years of operational experience, GPC Asia Pacific’s brands are synonymous with quality and reliability in the automotive aftermarket, and have enormous recognition across our region.

We service our vast trade and retail market by holding more than 80,000 SKUs in our permanent product range, with access to a further 1,000,000 items via our global network of suppliers, supporting more than 36,000 trade customers and countless retail consumers.


GPC Asia Pacific operates two main divisions: the Automotive Parts Division and the Automotive Specialist Group. These have evolved in alignment with the automotive market and support key wholesale, retail, specialist and accessories segments.

The Automotive Parts Division is mainly made up of general trade and retail businesses, the most significant of which are Repco Australia and Repco New Zealand.

The Automotive Specialist Group is mainly made up of product development units that wholesale to other resellers, and especially the businesses in our Automotive Parts Division. The group also supplies to specialist repairers and the mining and industrial sectors.

Global backing

We’re proud to be backed by Genuine Parts Company, a world-leading US corporation with a market capitalisation of more than US$15B. Since 1928, GPC has likewise distributed automotive and industrial replacement parts, along with many products in other sectors, through a network that now comprises more than 48,000 employees, 6,000 operations and 60 distribution centres across North America. GPC’s largest division is NAPA, the National Automotive Parts Association, a brand recognised for its quality parts, great service and knowledgeable people.

Our privileged positioning with GPC provides us with sheer scale and evolving synergies in knowledge, innovation, systems, data and security. It also means that we can offer international opportunities to our Asia Pacific team and partners. GPC Asia Pacific is genuinely excited about acquiring new partners and brands, reinvesting in our business and continuing to enjoy substantial and planned growth across the Asia Pacific region.

GPC Asia Pacific by the numbers

A$1.5B in annual sales and growing

6 advanced distribution centres and 550 stores

500K+ unique SKUs and access to 1M more

Backed by the Genuine Parts Company

Local reputation

GPC Asia Pacific takes pride in being an authentic company that genuinely cares about its people, customers, products and settings. Thanks to our deep connection with Repco, our roots in the industry go back nearly 100 years. With strong historical engineering and supplier connections, we have a fundamental knowledge of the market, and deep exposure to workshops and professionals around the country. Our focus has always been on quality, rather than simply lower costs, which has given us a reputation for excellence backed by superior knowledge and traditional service.

We’re integral to the automotive market for its daily fulfilment and operations. When your vehicle is booked into one of more than 25,000 chain and independent workshops across our region, it’s overwhelmingly likely that our businesses are behind the scenes, offering an unmatched range of products and fast, market-leading, multiple intra-day delivery that keeps workshops operational, efficient and profitable.

Automotive industry context

Australia and New Zealand have one of the most diverse and sophisticated automotive markets in the world, with more than 80 marques. Compare this to the US, which has around 65 marques but more than 10 times our population.

More than 1,000,000 passenger and light commercial vehicles are sold and registered in Australia every year, and the number is growing. However, this fleet continues to get older, with an average age of 10.1 years and a corresponding demand for replacement parts and innovative accessories.

There are sometimes 70,000 parts in a modern vehicle, and manufacturers deliver multiple models over many decades, yielding millions of part permutations and combinations that are simply too complex for an independent operator to track.

This context is our market strength. Thanks to our huge inventory, great data (to quantify and track those millions of permutations), advanced distribution systems and the largest store footprint in the industry, we simply have more products closer to more customers than any other player.


Our vision is to be Asia Pacific’s preferred and trusted supplier of aftermarket vehicle parts, solutions and accessories.


Our mission is to get the right part, to the right place, at the right time, at a competitive price.


We’re passionate about what we do

We relentlessly pursue excellence

We genuinely care

We go the extra mile

We win together

We inspire innovation

With Australia and New Zealand’s largest automotive aftermarket parts and accessories network, we always deliver the right part to the right place at the right time. Our advanced logistics operations provide one seamless service to trade and retail, and with more distribution centres, stores, sales reps, delivery vehicles and (of course) parts, we’re closer to our customers than anyone else in the business. GPC Asia Pacific prides itself on providing a unique blend of technological know-how with genuine, caring face-to-face customer service.

Our footprint

  • More than 550 stores across Australia and New Zealand
  • Distribution centres in each state in Australia and New Zealand
  • 63,500 m2 of warehouse space
  • 80,000 SKUs, with a million more available through our supply network
  • 1,855,000 product units handled every week
  • More than 6000 passionate and knowledgeable team members
  • 10+ team members dedicated to capturing and cataloguing vehicle and part data
  • 1,700 vehicles in our dedicated delivery fleet
  • 460+ Repco Authorised Repairers
  • Products delivered on an hourly basis to workshops
  • Products delivered to stores up to 4 times daily
  • Integrated online catalogues and ordering systems available 24/7
  • Trade/retail model puts us in more small towns than anyone else

Distribution network

QLD Brisbane 25,000 m2
NSW Ingleburn 11,411 m2
  Glendenning 9,379 m2
NZ Auckland 9,300 m2
SA Wingfield 10,800 m2
WA Welshpool 10,000 m2
  Welshpool 5,000 m2
VIC Doveton 5,052 m2
  Dandenong 2,600 m2

Through our historical associations, GPC Asia Pacific can trace its origins back almost 100 years, to the beginnings of the automotive and automotive engineering industries in Australia. Here is a short look at our history and significant company milestones, including becoming part of the Genuine Parts Company in 2013.



The rapid adoption of motor vehicles after the First World War generates demand for replacement parts, and the aftermarket industry begins


Motor Specialties Ltd – now Repco NZ – first opens its doors


The Automotive Grinding Company – now Repco, our biggest business and best known brand – is founded in Melbourne by Geoffrey Russell, an enterprising young engineer


Repco starts supplying to automotive trade customers in Australia


Repco supports WWII allied efforts with critical parts for defence aircraft and landing barges


Repco supplies vital parts for the first Australian-built car, the iconic Holden 48-215 FX


Jack Brabham wins the F1 Driver’s and Constructor’s World Championship using a Repco twin-cam 3L V8 racing engine


Repco enjoys considerable growth, with 38 factories around the world, up from just 14 in 1960


Repco acquires its first New Zealand store


Repco Australia buys Motor Specialties Ltd, now a significant industry player in New Zealand with more than [50] stores


Repco opens its first dual format trade and retail store in Australia


Pacific Dunlop purchases Repco through a management buyout


Repco Group listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges


Unitas Capital acquires all GPC Asia Pacific shares and the company is delisted from the ASX


GPC Asia Pacific establishes a global sourcing office in Shanghai, focused on finding great products and monitoring quality assurance


GPC Asia Pacific establishes offshore consolidation centres in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and implements a direct-to-store supply chain model


Genuine Parts Company acquires 30% of the Exego Group, entering the Asia Pacific market with the intent to lead the industry with technology, range, products, systems and service


Genuine Parts Company acquires the remaining 70% of GPC Asia Pacific (formerly the Exego Group)


Repco’s store network exceeds 400


GPC Asia Pacific expands to include administrative support functions in Malaysia


GPC Asia Pacific and Repco Australia relocate their support offices to a new, purpose-built facility in Rowville, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs


Genuine Parts Company agrees to buy Europe’s [A$2B] Alliance Automotive Group


GPC Asia Pacific continues its strong acquisition and growth plans, hitting 550 facilities across the region


Repco launches a sophisticated Business to Customer (B2C) e-commerce platform, offering more than 35,000 individual products