Specialist demand planning supported by the best in inventory management technology.

We use a state-of-the-art inventory system to forecast demand and manage inventory replenishment for our stores and distribution centres, based on our deep understanding of vehicle on road and parts application data. Our system is also fully integrated with our mainframe point of sale, transactional and ordering system.

GPC Asia Pacific stores operate an automated stock management and replenishment system. Defined policies, managed by dynamic computer algorithms overlaid with historical sales data and overseen by expert demand planners, are used to determine store ranges, including stock depth and width. Holding the right inventory as close as possible to the customer is the foundation of our success. We strive to meet customer needs for immediate access to product, on time, every time.

Supply chain integration

Just-in-time inventory management backed by automated stock management, online ordering and rapid delivery offers a range of benefits to our customers:

  • Web-based convenience from any location
  • Simplified stock ordering driving internal efficiencies, for time and cost savings
  • Advanced product information including images and dimensions
  • Part search function via variables like brand, size and type
  • Access to technical support databases

Inventory by the numbers

GPC Asia Pacific has access to more than 500,000 SKUs from 2500+ domestic and international suppliers, with our total inventory holding in excess of A$450M.

  • GPC Asia Pacific DCs carry approximately 80,000 SKUs
  • Repco Australia‚Äôs network carries 40,000 items
  • Repco New Zealand carries 76,000 items
  • Our combined businesses have access to more than one million unique parts