Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) Charter

GPC Asia Pacific (GPC) is proud to launch its first Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) Charter, now available on the GPC Asia Pacific website. This document provides and overview and summary of GPC’s commitment to be an active caretaker of our local, national and global communities.

The ESG Charter will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the evolving nature of these areas of concern for GPC, as emerging opportunities and requirements present themselves. The document is structured around the following commitments.

To the environment

We will actively minimise our environmental impact, with a drive to more sustainable practices. We will work alongside our teams, our partners and our customers to identify, ideate and execute on opportunities to improve our environmental footprint in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe. We will focus on resource and energy efficiency, product and packaging lifecycle management, as well as taking meaningful steps to minimise the carbon footprint from our operations.

To our social responsibilities

We will improve the social fabric of every area we work in. In all matters, GPC Asia Pacific strives to enhance safety, diversity and inclusion, and the wellbeing of all our stakeholders. Our social focus will support our people (both teams and partners), our community and our customers.

To strong governance practices

We will ensure we have the systems and controls in place to achieve our business, legal, environmental and social objectives. Our approach to Governance will enable appropriate transparency and to execute on clear roles and accountabilities. These practices will ensure the sustainability and long-term success of our business, so we can deliver on each and every commitment we make to our Stakeholders.

Click here to read the ESG Charter. You can submit questions or feedback to GPCAsiaPacTeamComms@gpcasiapac.com